Buy Plots In Bangalore: Beware of Frauds!

Someday or other we keep on hearing about the land mafias or land frauds in one the most top notched cities in India, Bangalore. The space has become a hot spot for buyers and thus, more and more cases of frauds are on rise these days. Buying plots in Bangalore now days is more profitable than any other time, be it meant for long term or short term. Those who buy plots in Bangalore might be confident of getting huge return in short times today!

Buy Plots In Bangalore Beware of Frauds

As a customer or buyer, before you buy plots in Bangalore there are few things you must go through to ensure your security. Here is a list of common pitfalls with which you might fall trapped into. Read on to be safe!

  1. Before purchasing any piece of land, visit the place and ask the neighbors about its status. No matter which city you are currently staying in, its best to have a look and know in depth details of the same.
  2. Keep track records of the agent or property dealer you are working with. There have been cases when personal documents were used for other fraudulent activities.
  3. Do not go by glossy advertisements, instead make sure the title is clear and do a thorough homework before you buy plots in Bangalore.
  4. Check the deeds of both: Mother deed and the sale deed.
    For a hassle free and quick return for your plot in future, stick to passing some layout plans that have been approved by engineers and technicians. It also promotes your safety and convenience.
  5. Keep the original title deeds with yourself and make them secure anyways.
  6. If you can’t be physically present on the land, make sure to hire some care taker or nominate someone to do it on your behalf.
  7. TO check on encroachment or illegal activities, keep visiting the place and giving surprise visits every now and then.
  8. Stick to the private layout rule which says 49% of the area should be formed sites, 15% reserved for parks and playgrounds, 10% for civic amenity sites and the rest for roads, drains and other infrastructure facilities.
  9. There have been cases when falsely proven lands are claimed, build and sold. The builders flee with the amount and the residents have to bear the brunt of their negligence.
  10. Keep yourself well versed with the current land prices and estimate the future rates before you buy plots in Bangalore. There is no profit in purchasing a land that is located in remote area with no amenities, even if it comes at small prices.

There could be more. After all, prevention is better than cure.

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