Investing In Real Estate Isn’t A Paradox; It’s A Smart Thought With Right Opportunity And Good Planning

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“Look at market fluctuations as your friend rather than your enemy; profit from folly rather than participate in it.” Compared with other types of investments, real estate investing involves a relatively favorable risk/reward profile, but with relatively low liquidity (ease of entry and exit). Investing in real estate can be … [Read more...]

How To Finance A Plot Purchase In India?

Finance A Plot Purchase In India

Everyone wants to live in their own house. But sometimes got to need a land for making a new house, but if you’re not coming up with necessary amount of money for the land, you can always take a loan from a bank. Many banks in India offer loan for plots. Buying plot is easy these day but banks do have their terms and conditions … [Read more...]

Can We Buy Plots Or Lands Using EMI?

Lands or PLots by EMI

Many banks provide land loan to purchase land and then making a house over it as it is considered as cheap alternative to buying a build house and also you can ask for tax reductions on the construction of the house. So the answer to the question is yes, we can buy lands and plots using EMI. Now the concern is, whether EMI is … [Read more...]